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The offshore and shipping industry demands high safety and quality measures due to severe weather and working condition. When you are looking into wires and ropes to meet these extreme demands, you need a hoisting and mooring company who considers these requirements self-evident. No concessions can be made. Consider a partner who thinks first and foremost about your needs and wishes, and delivers fast. KSC International provides wires and ropes of these high standards with great care and flexibility.

KSC International offers wires and ropes of different sizes and lays to meet your specific requirements. On top of our high standard products, our specialists are equipped to test and inspect all wires and ropes, and apply certification under third party supervision by for example Lloyds Register and Bureau Veritas. Combining the high standard products with our service and flexibility, KSC offers a perfect match with your wire and rope needs, while minimizing standstill periods and maintenance costs.


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